Oh, fer cute…

Yup, that’s me back in 1967..before I was a sun worshipping idiot. 


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard...love my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

4 thoughts on “Oh, fer cute…”

  1. Very cute baby picture…thou you still look the same with one small exception of more hair.
    One has to remember that back in those days (most of us were sun worshiper’s). We can’t change our pasts but, we learned our mistakes. You’ve been a great source of information and support to all of us sharing this journey. I’m grateful for you as a person in all ventures you’ve gone on…
    Special Olympics and family events. You have a pleasant way of making life’s difficulties easier to deal with along with understanding!
    What a great soul … prayers on this journey.


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