Sleepless in Minnesota…

Question. What is your favorite thing? Wait, don’t answer yet…take a minute to ponder this deep life query. Now, challenge yourself to go without that favorite thing for 3 days. Then try to go without sleep for 3 days…you will quickly realize that sleep is probably your favorite thing. Sleep is fickle. Once lost, it is gone. You can’t actually catch up on sleep. You can only assuage your tired disposition by sleeping more, thereby feeling rested. There is the rub. For me this isn’t just sleepless nights but also sleepless days. The multiple sensations on my face preclude any real sleep at any hour. What I wouldn’t give for a nap. It’s a funny word; nap. I looked it up on the interweb googles. It comes from Middle English nappen, from Old English hnappian; akin to Old High German hnaffezen to doze. Not that any of that matters…I just wish I could have one. 

 I want to say this again and will probably mention it in almost every post; there are so many people going through so many worse things than I am right now. But this is my journey. From 1980s sun worshipping idiot to a 51 year old-one third less bottom lip, squamous cell skin cancer, blogging, TV weather dude. My face is still burnt, like a “out on the ocean for 3 days no sunblock or hat” kinda burnt. The throbbing pain comes and goes and seems to make my skin feel like it is crawling. I just told my wife that it almost “hops” around my face, a bizarre sensation to say the least. It is that sensation that makes sleep almost improbable. It is all good, as Opie said on SOA…I got this 🙂 

It is the end of day 8. Time for my daughter to get home from swim team. I will take my leave from you all, until tomorrow. 

Thank you for stopping in, God Bless 



Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

10 thoughts on “Sleepless in Minnesota…”

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey Ian. I love that you are so open. I myself had cancer 12 years ago without any chemo or radiation. I was so so very lucky. One of my best friends had the same type of cancer you do in her left side of her mouth. She went through 2 bone marrow transplants from her brother but sadly it didn’t help her. She never had surgery or the type of treatment you are doing. I’m not sure if it was available to her. I understand how difficult your days are but hopefully it will be past you soon. Everyone misses you on tv and hope to see you back soon. Take care and hope you are feeling better soon


  2. Good Luck Ian. My brother just finished Chemo and Radiation for the same type of cancer that you have. He is doing much better now, but still has away ways to go. God Bless.


  3. Thinking of you daily, Ian! Thanks for sharing in your journey and keeping us all posted! Praying for you for quick healing. Can’t wait til you are back at the station! Your little meteorologist, Jaelyn, says hi! 😉 If you get a chance during your sleepless nights check your email from us. 😜 Wishing you all the best!!! Keep fighting! Thanks!


  4. Cano the Dr give you something to help you sleep? I too know all too well not being able to sleep due to pain. I hope you call your Dr and tell them you can’t sleep. I know when I finally couldn’t take it and so badly wanted to sleep I decided to call my Dr and he asked me why I didn’t call sooner and he helped me. It will get better but please ask Dr if can suggest something to help you be able to get some sleep. Hang in there it will get better.


  5. Thank you for being so honest, open, raw, and willing to share with those of us who miss our “weather guy” at night. You are so much more than “just a weather guy” you are a celebrity. Everyone knows Ian whether it be from the great Minnesota get together to your bad pants golf outing to your polar plunges. Get better, heal quickly. Praying for those and for sleep. I can understand what sleepless nights can do to a person who isn’t going through what you are


  6. As incredibly hellish as this is for you, I am sure it us equally hard for those who love you best. Prayers for your wife and daughter for strength, patience, encouragement and humor. Of course, praying for those things and needed sleep for you,mascwell.


  7. We’re hope and pray each day will be one day closer to victory for you Ian and for your loved ones. How is the cat and dog holding up with you home all day.?? Keep the updates coming!!!


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