Just look around…

I was mad. I had just rolled a short putt past the hole. My friend saw my frustration, he said “just look around”. Three simple words. He was right. A beautiful day in paradise, an incredible golf course, and life long friends. He was right. Just look around. People don’t stop to look around. I am guilty, most of us are. We are so caught up in our daily grind that even the fun stuff can cause a certain degree of angst. When the doctor says the word cancer, you stop. Not to look around but rather to look down. We seem to look down when bad news arrives. Do our shoes have the answers? Perhaps my neatly pressed pants hold the key to this problem? That tile is lovely but why did they choose that color grout? Questions.
 I don’t often offer advice but here goes; take time to look around- today, everyday. Just look around. Life is great. By the way; Rick, Daryl and Troy…great golf trip, thank you for the highlight. 
That golf trip was after my skin cancer surgery. After I lost a third of my lower lip because I was an idiot (see earlier blog posts). It was the first time I have ever worn dermatologist approved sunscreen. It was also the first time I had ever worn UPF sun protection clothes. Sun safety is simple. But it takes effort. Nothing in life is easy and cheap…love your skin and protect it. Preach-alert, here comes the sun vigilante. Wear sunblock. Wear a hat. That’s it. A two sentence lecture. I rarely endorse, it is not what I do but I would like to introduce you to Coolibar. I love the clothes, the hats and the attitude of this Minnesota company (www.coolibar.com). Go to their website. Look at the research, look at the sunblock options and look at the clothes. Then look back at my Hawaiian Tropic number 2 tanning oil and my beat up baseball cap and remember that idiot from all those years ago. That idiot is now a 51 year old skin cancer survivor. He loves chicken wings and 80s music. He desperately loves his wife and daughters and wonders who will win the best picture at the Oscars. He registered for the Lifetime Minneapolis triathlon this summer with his best friend. He thinks he looks good in slim cut jeans. He is me. He is going through 30 days of chemotherapy because he was a sun worshipping, sun tan bed idiot. 
Thanks for stopping by, end of day 10. Just look around…
God bless,



Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard...love my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

15 thoughts on “Just look around…”

  1. I was interested in your endorsement of Coolibar clothes. I was thinking of you today and I was going to suggest it. I have a number of items and happy to wear them. There is also a product by Rid called SunGuard that you can use to wash in sunblock in you other clothes.


  2. Coolibar has fabulous items. Stylish and comfortable. I am a fair skinned blond who had a small mole that looked like a little woodtick. After three annual visits to a dermatologist and being told it was fine, I finally convinced them to remove it. It was melanoma in situ. I now have regular checkups and wear good sunscreen and always when outside I wear sun protection clothing. Hang in there and just know it is too cold to want to go outside anyway right now!!!!

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  3. Your blog is such an inspiration! I don’t have cancer…but I’ve taken care of two parents who’ve suffered and past from cancer. My dad would have truly enjoyed your posts! Thank you for sharing your journey!


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  4. Hats, sunblock and sun protection clothes are great…but don’t forget to protect your eyes as well. There is one form of melanoma that is even more rare, it’s call ocular melanoma, cancer of the eye. There is a treatment, not a cure, and is almost always fatal. Annual dilated eye exams are the only way to find it. PROTECT YOUR EYES AS WELL !!


  5. Thanks for the coolibar recommendation . We’re seeking more options for sun protection and this will help alot!!

    Keep going Ian. You’re stronger now than you ever were!!

    Prayers and blessings for you.


  6. I have been following you since your Waterloo, IA days on KWWL. Sure do miss you here. I am so very grateful for your courage in sharing what has to be a very painful personal journey. However, I would like to ask one thing. Can you please stop calling yourself an idiot? We cannot go back and change any behavior–just go on. If you were truly an idiot, you would not have made it to Meteorologist. Believe me, I do not say this as a perfect one who doesn’t kick my own ass every now and again but I do say it with (love and) experience. I do not “know” how you feel but I am going through something similar with my sister who has been diagnosed with skin cancer. She receives very painful shots of chemo into her areas and I believe she may have the same reasons for hers. She, too, is a sun-worshipper. Be kind to yourself. It will go a long way toward healing! (Hopping off my soap box now.) Go on with your day. 🙂


  7. I am a survivor too and your right! I have crabby days like everyone else but, I spend many more moments appreciating quiet times and things like walks, birds, clouds, coffee, so much more than before diagnosis. Best of luck!!

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  8. Ian, my husband & I were wondering where you were, so now we know. As I read this post about hearing the word cancer & looking down, it struck a cord with me. Almost 3 years ago, my husband & I were sitting in the doctors office when we heard those words, “cancer”. You look down, hear you nothing more that the doctor says, actually we both said it was like a Charlie Brown show when the teacher is talking. Thankfully we had a great doctor & after a 7 hr surgery, to have a huge stage 4 tumor removed & his thyroid taken out my husband is cancer free, BUT he still has to have blood tests & ultrasounds every 6 months. We do not take a day from granted, as he had no signs that anything was actually wrong with him, it was found by a fluke, a typical routine physical & an old fashioned Doctor that ordered a chest X-Ray. I’ll keep you in my prayers & be more vigilant about wearing a hat & applying sunscreen.

    God bless


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