Hang in there baby…

Those four words take me immediately back to my bedroom in 1976. The epic poster of the cat on a branch. It is also what most of your messages say, minus the baby. I love the messages, thank you. Suddenly, my moniker changed today. It is no longer hang in there baby. It is now don’t blow it. Seriously, don’t blow it. The skin on and around my nose has become so painful and tender that it is in fact impossible to blow my nose. I would happily help others evacuate their nasal cavity but for me it is a strict hands off policy. The same policy I have for any boy who wants to date my daughters before they turn 30… hands off. Luckily I have figured out a way to stay ahead of the snotty flow. Just be a guy. Be that mannerless man-boy that drives my wife crazy. To my wife’s chagrin, I now perform that most guttural of male noises as one retracts said snotty flow upwards literally hands free. Nasty but necessary. As is this chemo treatment; nasty but necessary. 

A friend sent a great note the other day. A friend who has had his share of nasty but necessary. He lost a leg to amputation in 2010. He said of this nasty chemo treatment that it is a lot like eating an elephant. Don’t look at the whole elephant; you’ll be overwhelmed. Just take it one bite at a time.  
As an added blog bonus: a picture of my face today and the epic poster of that cat. 
Thanks for stopping by, day 14.
God bless, 



Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard...love my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

23 thoughts on “Hang in there baby…”

  1. Your chin looks phenomenal! Praying the pain gets less day by day, that you are able to get restful sleep and that the next bite if the elephant goes down easy.

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  2. Ian….
    I’m so proud of you. You’re taking the treatments even when you really just want to stop. It’s not pretty what the treatments are doing to your face, but oh so necessary, so all of us viewers can enjoy you for many many years to come.
    Be strong, keep the faith, and remember to laugh….this will all be a distant memory very soon.

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  3. Recovering right along with you. Recovering from my 7th surgery related to breast cancer. But it’s all good. As you say, there are others experiencing things far worse.

    PS: Joanie says hello and looking forward to see you on the news again!

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  4. Ian, I used to work as a pharmacy tech, I passed that nasty stuff out to people. I had no idea what they were in for.
    I spent the first half of my life as a sun worshipper in California, baby oil was this junky’s drug. I have developed an allergy to the sun, break out in itchy oozy blisters, think poison ivy. I have received the message. Bought my first sun block shirt last summer.
    Thank you for sharing so openly. I am so sorry for your pain. I pray that it does its job, and that you heal quickly.
    Enjoy your down time, you have an amazing outlook!

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  5. God Bless you on your journey. Although you are going through so much right now, take comfort in the fact that you are truly helping many people who are along with you for the ride. Looking forward to your return on the news! We all miss you!

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  6. Thank you for sharing so much with others. Maybe it helps….a little…like therapy, to share and educate. Keep on swimming! We are pulling for you! We need you back jazzing up the weather forecast soon. I must tell you that during severe weather, you do the best job at informing your viewers! I’m such a tornado-scaredy cat (blame it on my farmer father always watching the skies)… I mean I jump at thunder!! ( how do I tell my own children to not be afraid!?!) When there is a severe storm, I put on Ian, huddle near our stairwell and hold my breath! Hope you can get through this storm stronger than ever! Thanks Ian

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  7. Blessings to you as you are on this painful journey that will hopefully put skin cancer for you to rest. You talk about being a skin tanning idiot-I was a lifeguard who used baby oil and tinfoil blankets to attract the rays and tan the skin (a little zinc oxide for the nose, because who wants a red nose) We just didn’t know about the harmful affects of the sun-I’m 54 years old and no one talked about this. We are more informed now and are making better decisions! Throw away the tanning beds!! I will say a prayer for you that the pain is tolerable and will be gone soon!

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  8. I find you amazingly strong and brave. Doing what you have to do even when you really don’t want to! Amazing! Hope you have a celebration planned with your family when this is over. Prayers to you.

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  9. I am on that same journey with you right now, only 4 days left of this nasty face cream. My spots are under my nose on upper lip and under my eyes, very tender areas! One thing that has helped me is to put vaseline on areas that itch, it seems to help the dryness and itching. My dermo has me take weekends off to ease the pain. The bright side is we will have beautiful skin when were done. We can get through this!

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    1. Nice job Ann! Almost done eating the elephant! I use aquaphor on my face…lots and lots of aquaphor. I also take Benadryl to curtail the itchy factor. Keep going, you are almost there, god bless you on this journey!


  10. Today, I just want to say: “OW.” I mean, dang…your skin looks super-duper painful in this post, especially. I know this isn’t exactly an encouraging comment, but maybe it helps to know that those of us who are reading can see your suffering. And also that it’s absolutely okay to complain. I’m pretty sure I’d be swearing so much, my family’s ears would be bleeding. One question for you: how do you shave during this treatment? Or does your facial hair not grow due to the treatment? You don’t seem to have 2 weeks’ worth of beard…but I cannot imagine that you’ve been shaving during this ordeal.

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  11. Oh, and Ian, I do my treatments about an hour before I go to bed, so hopefully that way I am sleeping through most of the initial stinging and hurt. Bless you


  12. Ian, thanks for the information and headsup. My Derm has threatened me with this stuff for a year for now trying to avoid it with prescription cream. She warned me it would not be nice or pretty. Hang in there and thanks again.

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