Time after time…

You are likely singing that Cyndi Lauper song…an ear worm, you’re  welcome. 
Time is everything. It is both infinite and finite at the same time. My Dad was adamant that we did not waste time. “Use your time wisely” he would say. Time is what I have plenty of. This home bound nasty-but-necessary chemotherapy has shown me that. I appreciate this time and am learning how to better use it. I have more time with my family. Time to help my daughters with homework. Time to read. Time to ponder time. And yes, time to feel prickly, itchy pain. Time to lay awake nights and try to will the pain away. I even had time today to make homemade chicken soup with my wife (insert chicken soup for the soul joke here). With all this time I have not had to wear a watch in the past 15 days. I love watches. All kinds of watches. New, old, vintage, digital, dress, field, aviator, leather band, metal band, plastic band…I love em. But my life has been keeping time just fine without one. It is amazing how much happens in our house everyday. My wife runs a tight ship. A ship that is powered by love. She is amazing, loving and wonderful all at the same time. I am eternally ecstatic that she decided, all those years ago, to spend her time with me. 
Kids, school, dogs, cats and my wife. They all help me keep time. I don’t want to keep it. I would give it away if that would make this chemo time go faster. A bit cliche, but true. I love a good cliche; To that end I have compiled an exhaustive list of time cliches and included them at the bottom of this post. Way down there under the pictures. I did not write ’em, I googled the interwebs. If you listen carefully you just might hear your parents as you read ’em, enjoy. 
Thanks for taking time to stop by, day 15. Included below are today’s soup making pictures with my wife Christy and dog Jasper as guest stars. I have also included my day 15 pictures…not pretty; for the record I have never been pretty 🙂
God bless, 


A moment in time

A race against time

A stitch in time saves nine

Ahead of one’s time

All in good time

All the time

An idea whose time has come 

As time goes by

At a time like this

At the present time

At the same time

At this particular point in time

Be ahead of one’s time

Be behind the times

Better luck next time

Bide one’s time

Big time

Closing time

Daylight saving time

Don’t waste your time

Double time

Father Time

For a limited time only

For old time’s sake

For the first time

For the time being

From time to time

Frozen in time

Full time 

Give someone a hard time

Hard times

Hardly have time to breathe

Have a rough time of it

Have a whale of a time

Have the time of one’s life

Have time to burn

Hit the big time

In due time

In good time

In less than no time at all

In no time flat

In one’s spare time

In the nick of time

It seemed a good idea at the time

It was the best of times

It’s about time

Just a matter of time

Keep up with the times

Kill time

Life and times

Live on borrowed time

Long time no see

Make good time

Make up for lost time

Mark time

Neither the time or the place

Nick of time

No time like the present

No time to lose

Once in a lifetime

Once upon a time

One day at a time

One more time

Only a matter of time

Only time will tell

Out of time


Pass the time of day

Passing time

Peace in our time

Pressed for time

Prime time

Quality time

Race against time

Real time

Right on time

Run out of time

Same time next year

Sands of time

Second time around

Sign of the times

Since the dawn of time

Stands the test of time

Surviving the test of time

Take one’s time

Tea time

That time of the month

The march of time

The sands of time

The second time around

The time of your life

The times, they are a’changin’

There’s a first time for everything

There’s a time and a place for everything

Third time is a charm

Time after time

Time and tide wait for no man

Time and time again

Time bomb

Time flies when you’re having fun

Time heals all wounds

Time-honored tradition

Time is a great healer

Time is money

Time is on your side

Time is running out

Time is up

Time marches on

Time of the year

Time off for good behavior

Time on your hands

Time out

Time passes slowly

Time stands still

Time stood still

Time to kill

Time to party

Time travel

Time will tell

Troubled times

Try it one more time

Trying times

Turn back time


Until the end of time

Wasting time

When the time is right

Where does the time go?

While away the time

With time to spare


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard...love my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

12 thoughts on “Time after time…”

  1. Ouch Ian!!! Ouch!!! Hubby and I applaud you and such a simple offer for such a horrible time in your life. Thank you for sharing this… your in my daily thoughts and prayers… I pray for comfort for you and for your family! Glad you have such an amazing family and beautiful pup to support you! I started coloring which I found helped my busy mind and now have decided to go back to crocheting as coloring has no valuable outcome. At least babies will have blankets!! But I will tell you for busy minds, crocheting is an amazing filler! Haha… ❤️❤️❤️… God speed

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My husband and I miss you terribly and pray for you daily. Love your blog. It’s honest and inspiring. I won’t us any cliches as you listed them all. Simply put…..God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You have such a beautiful family, Ian. Jasper looks like he is waiting for his taste of the soup. You have a fantastic support system of people you know and many that you don’t know. Our thoughts and prayers to you and your wonderful family.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I read your entire blog yesterday for the first time. I was prescribed this same drug for my arms, legs and face. I will not be filling my prescription after reading your story and seeing the photos. You are such a brave man to continue with your treatment. I hope your pain subsides soon. I watch you on TV and look forward to your return. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should fill the prescription and you should do it. A little pain and discomfort now means a longer life later. Please fill the prescription; I will help you through this, I promise


  5. You’re words are inspiring and I look forward to reading your blogs although I wish the circumstances were different. Hang in there, Ian, you got this.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. “if I could save time in a bottle..” One more song to add to your repertoire. Thank you for sharing this with us Ian. You are both so very strong…invincible is the right word.
    Sending our love from the great white north. xo C and M. etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Ian – thanks for sharing your story. I did not know about your treatment – I just thought “where the heck is Ian?” I had this same cream prescribed for my knee. And it got pretty ugly. And pretty painful. Hang in there – it does heal.

    Liked by 1 person

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