This is Jeopardy…

Alex Trebek – “Ian please pick a category.”

Me -“What does it feel-like for five hundred please Alex.”

Alex Trebek – “Using Fluorouracil 5 for 17 days”

Me – “What is a sandpaper massage on your face?”

It is not a sharp pain like a paper cut. More of a tingling, rolling dull pain. Kinda like my skin is crawling. It is almost impossible to describe, it is also nearly impossible to sleep. Which is especially disappointing since sleep is one of my favorite things. A few hours a night at best. Last night I needed a distraction from my crawling skin. “I am down here” it cried, almost yelling. That brick of sharp white cheddar in the fridge did not stand a chance. Not sure why it called out or why I decided on a late night cheese massacre. My tastebuds deserted me after the first week of chemo. My appetite has also been MIA. Weird, because I can easily put down 5 or 6 McDonalds cheeseburgers at one sitting. I needed that cheese and that cheese needed me. A reasonable explanation conjured up in my sleep deprived state. 

This is it. The third and fourth week. Where the rubber meets the road. Wait, hold on…My lovely wife is asking me a question. “Is a water chestnut a nut?” What a peculiar question. I’m stumped. Hello google. It is not a nut. Now where was I? Rubber meets the road. In other words it is crunch time. I always try to remember other people. The ones who find themselves in much worse situations than I through no fault of their own. One of my best friends had a stroke last year. It was brutal. He continues to improve but it has been an arduous journey. He is fond of a quote from Winston Churchill; “if you are going through hell, keep going”. Great advice from a great man. My prayers tonight will be for those who are going through hell. My treatment is nasty but I am no where near hell, I can’t even see it from where I am. The end is near, but in a good way. I can see past this. I can see a sack of cheeseburgers in my future. My friends at FOX have promised as much. Mim, I am almost ready.

 I have been remiss in my writing. I have forgotten to thank you. For reading these daily musings. For your notes of support. For your friendship. For your prayers. And eventually, for your cheeseburgers. 
Thanks for stopping by. Day 17.

God bless,


Chuckle time; A couple of the outfits I have worn while polar-plunging for Special Olympics Minnesota. Over 150 plunges for me and over 13 million bucks raised so far. Wanna join me this year?


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

14 thoughts on “This is Jeopardy…”

  1. You are truly an amazing person. To be thinking of others in your time of great distress. That my friend is real love! That is why Minnesotans love our weatherman Ian. Because you are so much more than our weatherman. You are indeed a friend. Praying for you continually!!

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  2. So grateful for allowing us to travel this journey of yours- to follow your ups and downs and to pray for your success of treatment as you approach the final days of chemo. I relate, not with the same cancer /treatment but I survived radiation/chemo/surgery for esophageal cancer and know how a positive attitude makes all the difference in the world. Thanks so much for your blogs, insights and yes, the chuckles it brings us.

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  3. Keep up the fight! We all have our battles as I am taking a pill form of chemo and my hands and sometimes feet look like your face. Keep up the going through he’ll attitude and we will both get there!

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  4. My taste buds took a leave of absence when I was going through chemo too. That or things just did not taste the same. To compensate for it, I tried to eat things I would not normally eat or we would go to restaurants we do not normally go to, so favorite foods would not be spoiled. Continued prayers for you!

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  5. I had no idea about the feeling of your face….sandpaper massage sounds bad. I too love McDonald’s cheeseburgers. That is a great future ahead for your taste buds:-)

    Thoughts and prayers continue for you!! You are going to come thru this ordeal in a way better place! And I’ve learned a lot from you along the way. Thanks!

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  6. Sure am missing you on Fox 9 Ian! I know you could have sent all this ice, fog, sleet, rain elsewhere. It has been miserable in southern MN – not near as miserable as you are – Hang in there – You can see the light at the end of the tunnel – right? You got this! And, while you are praying for others as well, please put in a prayer for my brother-in-law who is undergoing some rough treatments for pancreatic cancer. Nasty stuff!

    I was just reading about two dogs who died after ingesting some of the exact cream you are putting on your face – so please don’t eat it – and tell you beautiful pets to stay clear of that stuff. Takes nasty stuff to treat nasty stuff I guess!

    See you soon on Fox 9!

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  7. Thinking of you and the pain….. Can they give you something to help you sleep? It’s hard to heal if you are sleep deprived……

    I will personally bring you cheeseburgers when this is all over for you. You are an awesome human being and we miss seeing you every night on the news. Let me know when the taste buds comeback! I’ll be there for you!

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  8. Ian you hit my funny bone today😀Yes appetite will suck for awhile…sometimes all I wanted was a malt…couldn’t stand the smell of foods ….hang in there…hi to your family and pets..Judy

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