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It hits you. An epiphany. It is an amazing tale and your life story needs to be told. You need to write a book. The worlds next big bestseller. Your Mom will buy at least 3 copies. But wait, a conundrum. What will be the title of your book? That one line that implores “read me!” You have so much. So many life moments. You have had an interesting life. You have had a rewarding life. Ruminate on that a minute. Think about your life while I open a door and let you inside mine. Not that you asked, but I would tell you that at 51 years of age I have more of a hazy memory rather than vivid recollections of days gone by. After all, I mostly live in a smartphone text-me-that-picture-right-now life. I have developed very short memories. Presumably people will defer to their latest, greatest moment. Last year I had a third of my lower lip removed. Skin cancer stole a piece of my kissing apparatus, yet according to my wife, I remain an enthusiastic kissing machine. I am a man who lives his life with a hefty helping of sassy sarcasm. Ask around, I can be rather lippy. Eureka, a title pops into my head; 

“Ian Leonard, now with a third less lip”.  

Sigh. I may not have the title of my Pulitzer Prize winning novel nailed down yet. However, I do know that these 3 titles are not up for consideration; 

“Ian Leonard, right at least half the time”

“Ian Leonard, your favorite Canadian eh?”

“Ian Leonard, trying to be witty since 1965”

The challenge remains. One book, one title. I throw caution to the wind. Who dares to tell me there is a limit to the number of words. By Merlins beard, I have it! 

 “Ian Leonard; love my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog…kinda like the cat.”

 It might not appeal to everyone. It might not appeal to anyone. Alas it is not destined for the bestseller list. But it will be a big page turner in plush, stately, but not overly ostentatious Leonard Manor. And that is just fine with me. 

Now then, what is the title of your book? 
Numbers, just numbers; 44 left today, 45 arrived today. For me it is Day 18. 

Thanks for stopping by, 
God bless, 


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

13 thoughts on “Insert title here…”

  1. Just want you to know we are so happy you are letting us follow your story. We are thinking of you and sending you good vibes and prayers.


  2. Your journey is filled with courage. I know first hand what you are going though. My journey took place these past 5 yrs as I myself have had the same cancer as you. You will prevail as your fantastic attitude is 50% of the fight that part you have mastered. I know you will win the fight as you will go on and help others, god has a plan for us all. Try root beer floats they worked for me when the chemo had reached havetic on my taste buds. It my not last buts a few days but each one past is one day closer to winning! Be strong

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  3. Ian, how about YOU’LL GET NO LIP FROM ME only the truth,as a title for your book? Just an idea! I hope the rest of your treatment goes fast, and much success with it. It does look painful, and makes me stop whining with my treatment. I get three shots a day of chemo in my abdomen 5 days a week, then rest for three weeks and start it again on 4th week. But I can put cold packs on to alleviate the discomfort for a while,and unless touched even ever so slightly during treatment time, no body is aware of my discomfort. I don’t have a dog, but have two cats that love jumping on me to give comfort. Not fun. Miss you very much on the weather, and look forward to your speedy recovery and return to work. God Bless you and your family. I remain your faithful fan, ET. No not the alien!

    On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 8:12 PM, Ian Leonard… wrote:

    > ianmn posted: “It hits you. An epiphany. It is an amazing tale and your > life story needs to be told. You need to write a book. The worlds next big > bestseller. Your Mom will buy at least 3 copies. But wait, a conundrum. > What will be the title of your book? That one line ” >

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  4. 12 more days! Reflect and indore, makes you Stronger, Thankful, and life at the end of this short journey will bring clarity to your life, and meaning of life! Not taken for granted but will bring out the best of you cause there is more to come!!!! Stay focused. Have a lot of people cheering for you 😀 Go Ian!!!


  5. My husband Fred was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in October. Next week he will be getting his 6th treatment of chemo . We are at the halfway point. 6 more to go. He is doing well. We feel very blessed because it could have been a lot worse. We are fighting this terrible thing together. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have been together for 45 yrs. There is still more story to be told. Hang in there Ian.

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  6. So when you put this lovely cream on your lovely face, do you have to wear medical gloves so your fingers/hands don’t come into contact?? I can image the red blotches almost feels like a very very bad sunburn. I burn if you look at one summer, I was all bundled up sitting on a dock and everything was covered….sort of. The reflection of the sun was hitting the backs of my legs (I had a towel over my lap/legs) but behind the knees – ouch; I used my friend’s mom’s aloe vera plant (the whole thing – I felt bad), Noxzema too and maybe Witch Hazel…I blistered and pealed twice. Enough about me…so curios nosey questions: when you had your lip done, did you know you were going to eventually have to have this “facial”? I suppose while you’re going through all of this, you’re thinking how fascinating the body is – it really is when you think about it. I had my aortic valve replaced in 2008 – took me forever to get back to normal (18 weeks – most people are back running in a week but I have to be special). I hope you’re keeping notes on this “adventure” – who knows, maybe you could write a 25 page booklet and share it with hospitals so the doctors can share “your story” with others that are just starting their similar adventure? And you know, while you’re home, you should really pick up some bad habits (kind of like Brick making that whoop at the end of each sentence on The Middle. On DECAD TV (223 in Bloomington), Laugh-In is on at 5:00 pm (always good for a politically incorrect). Ok – enough…hang in there Ian. P.S. Have you thought about making prank calls?? Call Karen Scullin, Tom Butler or Keith and say “Is your refrigerator running?” or “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” or keep calling and ask to speak to Joe (no one there named Joe) – then call back in the afternoon and tell them you are Joe, do I have any messages?? Good night…


  7. Hi Ian,
    My nephew from Minnesota shared your story with me. I’m from Hortonville, WI and want you to know we read your blog and keep you in our prayers. Take care and God Speed. You have such a great attitude and I beleive that us 1/2 the battle.

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  8. May God continue to bless you Ian. We miss your lippy weather report. You seem to have a good handle on what I see as lacking in the world that is: Genuine Authenticity.

    Love, Matt & Diane- Cedar, MN

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  9. Ian miss you on 📺. Hang in there I can only imagine what your going threw but you have many friends and family. You’ll get be in my thoughts and prayers,


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