Cheeseburgers…just cheeseburgers

Another day of friends. Another blessed day. Another day closer to the end. I lost my ability to taste food a few weeks back. That does not mean I don’t want to eat. I still love food. My weakness is and always has been McDonalds cheeseburgers. That’s it. No fries. Nothing else. Just cheeseburgers. I also loved the cherry pies they once sold. Sadly those only exist in my memories. My friend Jeff Passolt and his wife MaryAnn brought over a sack of cheeseburgers today. I am nominating him for the “really good guy of the year” award. He is a prince. I hope it does not go to his head. I know what you are saying. I know they are bad for me. I know. But I have so few vices…allow me this one. 
Not a lot of sleep again last night. That seems to be the battle. More than 4 hours would be spectacular. I was a sleeping champion. All day and all night was no problem. I am convinced that I would have been a medal contender if a sleeping event had been added to the Olympics in the past 50 years. 
Today was great, I look forward to tomorrow. The second to last day of my nasty but necessary chemotherapy treatment. Then healing. And sleep. Sweet glorious sleep. 
Day 25. Thanks for stopping by.
God bless, 


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

13 thoughts on “Cheeseburgers…just cheeseburgers”

  1. Ian,
    I read what you write! I am terribly sorry that you have to go thru this…but you have continously reminded me that OTHERS have it worse! You have helped me process thru sleepless nights with my 8 month old who hasn’t slept more than 1 hour at a time for the last 4.5 months! He has struggled with ear infections and fluid filled ears for 4.5 months. Now we are 3 days away from surgery to get tubes placed and he has spiked a high fever of 103.0 and now we dont know if surgery will happen! So I say to myself, ” others have it alot worse “. What’s 1 more week without sleep before we can reschedule surgery?? At least I get to snuggle my baby every hour, right!?!? SO in this I thank you, thank you for your insite! You’ve got this…2 more days!!



  2. Greetings from a former fellow employee (and his wife) at KWWL. Some of us in Iowa have been following your journey also. We have relatives in western Wisconsin that watch you on Fox and passed this information on to us. We have prayed for you and thought a lot about you in these last weeks. You have been very courageous to share your journey with us all. God bless you and strengthen you on these final days of chemo. Jerry Marxen former KWWL transmitter supervisor

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  3. Those McDonalds cheeseburgers! Love them. As we are within walking distance of a McDonalds, I must be ever so careful. Every once in a while they bring back the cherry pies. Hopefully you’ll have your sense of taste back when they do. I want to say how much I appreciate you sharing your thoughts as you go through treatment. You have strengthened those going through the same thing. And for those of us who may one day travel this road, we will recall this.


  4. Hang inthere my are almost at the finish line..Than it is all can now sleep and do the thing you want with no meds to do..Lots of luck my friend..can’t wait till you are on the news once again..yea for you,,


  5. Hello Captain Sun Block! From someone who has been through the ugly s of skin cancer I am so proud of you, your strength and determination to beat this. I know you will be fine through the love and support of your family and friends. Soon you will be back to your handsome self and this will be just another chapter in your book of life. Love to All…G.G, and your California Family


  6. That Jeff, what a great friend. Thank you for writing this blog. Brings me to tears every time. You’re so positive. And honest. I like honest.
    Keep up the fight.

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