Ready for my closeup…

Figured it was time to show a few closeup pics of this 51 year old face. Painful today. But almost there 😀

Day 26. God bless,



Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

27 thoughts on “Ready for my closeup…”

  1. Ian, My family and I are praying for you and look forward to seeing you again on Fox 9! You are a brace man and we are Bless to have you sharing your journey with us. God Bless You and your family. 🙏❤👍🌹🦊


  2. OUCH!! You are extremely strong and brace Ian. We continue to pray that this treatment works for you. My mom always enjoyed watching you on 📺 tv. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your journey with us.


  3. So painful looking. Looking at all of your photos the only conclusion now, is how lucky you are that there was a treatment plan available. Do you know how soon the chemo sores will start to heal and your hahandsomface will appear?
    I am going to Mexico soon. …..promise to stay out of the sun 😃😎🌞


  4. Still my favorite mug on tv!! You walked right through hell, Ian. Glad you kept going and didn’t turn back. Will continue to pray for you. Thanks for including us on your journey, because you were never alone. Granny


  5. I just finished reading all of your blogs over this past month and there’s only one word that I can use to describe you…STRONG. By sharing your story and this painful journey you have been on with others, you have shown your strength. Keep fighting for that strength each day…you are a good man and we wish you all the very best! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ian 🙂


  6. My prayers are with you. Such a journey you are on. It is all an emotional rollercoaster. I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. And my treatments to keep it at bay are to stand in a giant UVA booth while taking medicine that meKes me absorb UV light on a higher level. Praying we can keep it in control so I can see my babies grow. And I pray it doesn’t become aggressive, or mutate or change to skin cancer…..etc….all the “what ifs”. No one can understand the journey. But your amazing spirit, Positive thoughts, Support by loved ones, Such blessings! Always remember our blessings. You got this!


  7. Hang in there, as you would say weather boy, miss you on on the news!!! Stay positive!!!!

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  8. So, Ian, what happens when you finish the cream? Does the damaged skin peel off? What is the process? Sending you prayers and good wishes!!! You’re doing great!


  9. I watched you report the weather when you were at KWWL in Waterloo IA the one phrase that you used and still sticks with me is “blamo-zone”! Buddy I think you’ve been there!! God speed as you heal! Not much longer and this will only be a memory.
    Take care


  10. my favorite weatherman! hang in there Ian, can’t wait till you are back on the air.!! small town Baldwin,WI. family loves to watch you.


  11. The end is coming for the chemo cream and you have made it. You are stronger than you first thought and I am glad to have been with you in spirit on this leg of your journey. You definitely look like you have such a nasty sunburn and I’m sure the sunburn would feel better at this point. I’m guessing it will be awhile yet before we see you doing the weather, but we miss you. I do understand your pain and sleepless nights, but for me it is a chronic illness that gives me pain and sleepless nights … usually 4-5 hours only each night. Prayers for fast healing, Ian. God bless.

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  12. OMG Wow that looks sooo painful!!! What’s causing the redness and blisters? I thought that cream was supposed to help. My heart and prayers goes out to you and your family. Hope to see you soon back on TV😉


  13. Man I don’t k of what to say!! Ouch I’m sorry you have to go through this. You ate in my thoughts and prayers daily. Keep up the great attitude god bless your family!


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