Different is good…

Wake up. Wash my face. Apply chemotherapy cream. My routine for the past 27 days. Today was different. Different in a good way. The chemo tube was left undisturbed. Instead, an assortment of moisturizing agents. One in particular brought along an ironic twist of fate. That smell. That sweet smell. I was immediately transported back in time to those summer days. Those days we cooked ourselves under the sun. Those days we used Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil. Those days when a dark tan meant you were healthy. We were idiots in those days. Those days were 30 years ago. Today was different. The sweet smell was back. It was coconut oil. It was light and airy on my raw-cracked-bleeding face. I love coconut. I will admit to feeling a little peckish after applying the sweet smelling oil. Hunger aside…it was heaven. The oil worked well today with aquaphor and hydrocortisone. Anything that helps alleviate the constricting pain. The nasty but necessary chemicals that treated my skin cancer have left a short term legacy. My skin seems to constrict on itself every minute. The constriction brings pain. Intense pain. So I moisturize, and then moisturize again. Then I crave coconut macaroons. I love coconut. 
It is time. Time to get out of the house. Time to assimilate. Forgive my appearance. Don’t stare, instead say hello. I am still that goofy guy from TV. I promise to say hello right back. It will get better, I got this. 
Day 28. Thanks for stopping by. Pics below.

Please leave that big bag of coconut macaroons over there πŸ˜€
God bless,


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard...love my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

19 thoughts on “Different is good…”

  1. I’m glad your treatment is done!!!! Your face looks awesome and we can’t wait to see you back on the weather β˜‚οΈ 🌞 You have been missed dear friend.


  2. That looks painful. Sorry that you have to go through this. I look at the pictures and say a healing prayer for you and your family. Thank you for including us in this painful journey with you. Waiting for the day that you return to tv. Hoping you heal quickly and do our weather report soon! You are missed.

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  3. Ian, so glad you are coming to the end of treatments! In a year, you’ll look back and say “how did I get thru that?” You got thru it because you are a great christian man with the attitude of a fighter. So excited for you to be over with this and see that smiling face on TV again.

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  4. So glad your feeling alittle better. Must be such a relief to put the coconut stuff on. I can hardly wait for my husband to finish his chemo. Won’t happen till this spring. That will be a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing your journey. God bless you Ian. πŸ˜‡

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  5. You have been an inspiration. You may not have it as bad as some; as you stated with each update, but you followed your directions and stayed positive. Thank you for sharing your journey. From one sun worshiper to another…back in the day that is.

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  6. Doing better….no chemo today….keep moisturizing….soon it really will be behind you…hope you get out today we got quite windy here in southwestern Mn….then colder temps rolled in….miss your weather reporting πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€…Take care..God bless…Judy

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  7. You’ve got this! Hope you get some fresh air – bet you have cabin fever. Suppose you have to be very careful with sun and wind on your fresh face. Good thing we’ve had overcast days lately. Better days ahead. Prayers for you on your continued journey.

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  8. My husband recently finished cancer treatments. We feel your pain, quite literally at times. We hold you in prayer and wish you the best going forward.
    P.S. You look great. This too shall pass.

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