The beard lives on…

Today was one of those days. A fine day. But something was off. Something was askew. My bottom lip. The spot where my cancer first blossomed. My lower lip has erupted. Blisters have formed and it is a tad bit uncomfortable. It is also a part of the healing process. Uncomfortable, but I got this. These blisters bring along a bonus for fans of facial hair. I could not shave my beard. I will be lumber-sexual for yet another day. Small setbacks are common. You expect them in this journey. I just wish these setbacks would disappear, quickly, like a fart in the wind. 
Today was about my lip. It needed attention. Looking at my lower lip in the mirror I saw a reflection into the closet. I saw my suits. My work clothes. I starting thinking about my first day back at FOX 9. Which suit to wear, which tie. I want to get back to work. To see my friends. To interact with the exceptional people in that building. To crack bad jokes in meetings. To feel the thrill of live news. To know that when I am finally there I am healed. Healed…
Day 38. Thanks for stopping by. 
Pics of my lip below, you can see my scar! Makes me look tough…or not šŸ™‚

God bless,


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

15 thoughts on “The beard lives on…”

  1. You are looking much better, although I do think you look better without your beard. Not a good day for me, had to put the last Poodle, Sara Jane to slepp this afternoon. I thank God every day Jeanne Harper told me about Sara and her mom, Jazzy. Jazzy died about three years ago and now Sara Jane is with her. Not a good day for me.

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  2. Hi Ian. You are coming along really well after what you’ve been thru. Just give yourself some time to heal. We miss you a lot on TV and are waiting for your return. You need to get that place moving and shaking again!!!!


  3. Bless you, just keep swimming you are gonna be just fine… can’t wait for the costumes you are jumping this year right I did hear that didn’t I? Take care we knew ya had this all along…


  4. Patience is a Virtue should be used to it by now Ha! Ha! I see where Jeff Passolt fell on the ice on a sidewalk and broke his hip..after the Governor interview on assignment Wowser! Get better you guys,,,


  5. I am faithfully following your blogs and such an inspiration to me. Reminding me daily on sun screen and living by that. Having had esophageal cancer I relate! Positivity is crucial! I hope you know how many people you have reached with your blogs and I feel like a friend altho not having met you. Praying for you


  6. I remember about 4 years ago, I had to have a big chunk of my lower lip cut out, from a beginning cancer section. My Dermotologist, got it all. It took a long time to heal, but it did heal. Love your positive outlook, Ian! We miss you on channel 9! Take care and praying your “guardian angels”, are with you always in your healing process! šŸ™ Hugs, Betsy and Jay


  7. The healing process begins after a journey for sure! As for your lip I can honestly say I would not even noticed it, but only. becsuse you pointed it out . Facial hair oh well, chop off grow back. It’s all good. Side your still here !!!


  8. You’re looking good Ian. So you look a bit over sunburned. So what. You stay positive. The mind is so strong. My positive thoughts brought me back from a month long coma (per Drs I’d be nothing but a veggie if I woke up). Hello! I make good broccoli. Ha. You hang in there and stay positive.


  9. Hi Ian, Thanks for being so honest in your posts. The good days. The not as great days. You live in gratefulness – that is something we all need to learn to do more often. I love watching you do quirky things during the weather on “the 9” – but the best part of watching you is always your SMILE (and the humor). God put you on tv so that you could bring joy to other people (ok, sometimes your forecasts are not smile makers – but you do not have control over the weather). Keep on being YOU. (ps, the beard is ok, I think you are better looking when we can see your whole face). Hope to see you on the telly soon!


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