A little nervous…

42 days have passed. The first day, Far off in the distance. The summit. The climb up and down was 42 days. Now the summit is behind me. I made it. Not by myself. I made it through spirit. I made it through prayer. I made it through my wife. I made it through my daughters. I made it through the help of my friends. We made it. Together. This was our journey. Thank you, I am eternally grateful. 
Now to pay it forward.  Day one I asked you to take a journey with me. I asked you to open up a dialogue about cancer with me. My journey is finished, now it is time for dialogue. Real dialogue. Real discussion about cancer. Cancer must not win. It has taken too much flesh. It has destroyed too many families. It has taken too many lives. To that end I am in the planning stages of a free public cancer expo. Not sure how it will work. I am Meteorologist, not an expo planner. I want to talk to you if you have an idea to help. I am sure that Education is the place to start. More on that later. Do me a favor; support the company that is helping me with the expo, hop over to http://www.coolibar.com and learn about sun safety, sun safety gear/clothes/sun block. They are a local company, in St. Louis Park, and they rock. 

I will be back on the air Monday night. I do believe I am a tad nervous. Don’t tell anyone. 25 years of TV and I am nervous. Cool, kinda. Careful Monday…there might be a few tears. Our friends at Special Olympics  call us “the crying Leonards”! 

Day 42. Thanks for stopping by.
God bless
How about a day 42 pic…still some red šŸ™‚


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard...love my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

42 thoughts on “A little nervous…”

  1. You have been such an inspiration! To share with the world your story speaks volumes of the man you are. Looking forward to celebrating your return tomorrow!


  2. You look fabulous! And you are even smiling! Keep that smile on and share with everyone you see! Can’t wait to see you on TV on Monday!


  3. Lookin’ studly, Ian! So excited to see you back on the air. I’ve been reading your posts daily and sharing with my sister who has a chronic auto-immune disease along with a recent diagnosis of swelling in the brain for unknown reasons. She’s a 35yr old married woman of 2 lil munchkins. I like to think your positive words have helped to keep her head up and keep fighting. You are an inspiration. Keep being a badass cause that’s what you are! Lots of love from your MN supporters. ~Karrie Shanley


  4. You look fantastic. You have been on a painful journey. A little nerves and tears is completely understandable. You have persevered with strength and determination.
    All your fans that have been with you on your journey will be cheering you on tomorrow.


  5. Awesome idea! I’d request that we get info on many cancers to help educate- one that really needs to be included is esophageal cancer which I had and is one of the fastest growing in number of diagnosed. I also think selling bracelets that have bead color corresponding to the cancer although I’m not sure who makes them- we’d need to find out.


  6. Look forward to see you again, Ian. Thank you once again for sharing you life journey and how GOD walked you through this. Take care and see you Monday night LIVE


  7. I can’t wait to see back on the air, don’t be nervous, you’re amongst friends. Let’s see your smile as we tune in, give us the forecast, in Ian style.


  8. You will deliver the weather with that smile and sense of humor….Welcome Back and You Win!!!!!
    Carry On Ian…….I’ll be watching with tears…


  9. You look Ian! You’ve kicked cancer and it’s time to show the world:-) Can’t wait to see you on Fox 9 tomorrow night.

    I’m so excited you’re working on an expository. A great idea! I love the coolibar referral and partnering to bring cool back to sun protection!

    God speed on your triumphant return!


  10. What is the worse that could happen doing the weather tomorrow? What is your plan for dealing with it? Everything will be great and if you shed tears you give everyone permission to cry as well. You got this. See you Monday.


  11. Welcome back
    You will do great
    Can’t wait to see you back doing what you do best
    Although writing is a second best talent you have
    Don’t do makeup
    Go natural


  12. Can’t wait to see you Monday night! I have followed your journey, cried over things you have said, smiled, laughed, cheered you on. You have been an inspiration to me as I deal with my chronic health issues daily.

    The expo will be a hit! I would see if there are other companies/organizations dealing with all the different kinds of cancers would like to part (of curse you have already thought of that) and with coolibar.com being involved, see if they would be willing to give discounts on their clothing. I love their stff, but it is a bit pricey and not everyone can afford it. Maybe a coupon or expo special on all their stuff. Just an idea.

    Deep breath, think of all of us standing behind you as you get ready to be in front of the camera, and smile!!
    God bless.


  13. Congratulations you brave warrior!! Looking forward to your weather forecast this evening. Congratulations to your wife and daughters as well. Brave soldiers that they are in supporting you in your journey! I’ve been praying for your healing and please know that my compassion overflowed during the most painful parts. Big HUGS to you, wishing you continued healing and God bless you for paying it forward.


  14. Ian – YOU look beautiful! Can’t wait to see tonight! You make us laugh. Love your dialog. Love this blog. Thanks for being the champion – you are a survivor – an angel – and the light for many going through this!


  15. Congratulations, Ian. I’m so proud and happy that you appreciate your blessings and that you’ve made it through the worst times, as well as now focusing on being an advocate for healthy sun living. Coolibar clothes protect better than any sunscreen. Not many news or weather broadcasters promote sun protective clothing over sunscreen. I am fortunate to be a 13 year melanoma surviver. We lived in MN for ten years and moved back to the Milwaukee area to be closer to family. For 13 years, I’ve participated in in Ann’s Hope Foundation’s Block Melanoma run/walk in Milwaukee in May to raise money for melanoma research. When I moved back, I was fortunate to get a job at the Medical College of Wisconsin. They have benefited from over $500k over the years in research grants from Ann’s Hope Foundation (annshope.org). Last year, Froedtert & MCW were also event sponsors. I’m so proud to be helping others in identifying and curing cancer. In the past five years, two friends have lost their lives to melanoma. Continue to do all you can in your public facing position, and never let your daughters indoor tan. Good luck tonight!


  16. Ian,I’m looking forward to your return and to see You,Christy and Family at upcoming plunges and of course Spring Games! Maybe before the Bad Pants Open we could go golfing?


  17. Hi Ian: You moved me to tears. And you also made me laugh. Welcome back – you were missed. You were awesome tonight, you didn’t miss a beat. Thanks for all you do for Special Olympics – and now your new mission in life. Get on that soap box !


  18. Hi Ian:

    43 Days….You’re BACK!!! We’ve missed you coming into our homes and delivering the Fox 9 weather forecast, along with your wonderful, funny humor. You look GREAT!! One day at a time…..

    CANCER, yes it does Suck! IT is not good for anyone, it appears when you aren’t paying attention, its never a good time and it doesn’t just leave. I myself have not had the experience but have gone through Breast Cancer with my sister; 5 years a survivor. Chemo and/or Radiation takes so much out of you. With the help of your family and friends, as you did, one makes it through the rough times. We were talking about the Polar Plunge and your passion for it. So glad you are going to Plunge again.

    Thanks for being open and honest through your journey….keep it up. Life is good!!

    Karen King

    On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 8:38 PM, Ian Leonard… wrote:

    > ianmn posted: “42 days have passed. The first day, Far off in the > distance. The summit. The climb up and down was 42 days. Now the summit is > behind me. I made it. Not by myself. I made it through spirit. I made it > through prayer. I made it through my wife. I made it th” >


  19. Ian! It was wonderful to see you back tonight. Thank you for showing your honest heart.
    I love that you have coconut oil on your face…it is so good for you! You should also ask your docs about using lavender and/or Frankincense essential oils ( Young Living is the best). It will help with the healing process!
    Blessings over you!!


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