The ouch-ouch dance…

I can’t keep it in any longer. It needs to be said. I wear make up. I wear it a lot. I wear it everyday, at work. At first I did not like it…but now πŸ˜€

In case you are wondering; I am a cover girl guy. Always have been, always will be. With that said I am not much of a face washing guy. I prefer those handy dandy wipes. Therein lies the rub. Washing your face is a big part of this chemotherapy regimen. I don’t like washing my face, it is an ordeal that creates a mess. I wish I could wash my face like they do on TV commercials. The beautiful made-for-tv-spokesmodel slowly propels water through the air toward her face, then, ever so neatly her perfect complexion gets even more perfecter (spokesmodel lingo). She makes it look easy, too easy. Who has the challenge of cleaning the bathroom when she is done? It must be a complete disaster. To recap; I’m not much of a face washing guy. I do it every day and every day it hurts a little more. It seems every skin-based nerve in my face is exposed. Nonetheless I have to do it. Last night my youngest daughter wanted to see the wash, dry, chemo maneuver. I fore-warned her about the dance. The “ouch-ouch-it-hurts” dance. The performance of which is usually reserved for those times when one bangs ones thumb with a hammer. I now perform that dance daily when washing my face. Fast forward a few minutes. My dance is done. I am very lucky to be on the receiving end of a big loving supportive hug from my second born. After the wash and dance, I wait. This is a no towel zone. My face is too tender. I air dry. Kinda like the Cuba Gooding Jr character in Jerry McGuire. Then the chemo. The nasty but necessary chemo cream. 
Today is day 16. Today was almost unbearable. The face washing, the chemo cream. All of it. But it’s all good, I am saying my prayers and taking my vitamins like a good Hulkamaniac. The end is in sight. Quitting is not an option. I got this. More importantly, I have got my incredible wife, my amazing daughters and a wonderful life. 
There are a lot of people out there a lot worse off than me…prayers for them please. Cancer sucks. 

Thanks for stopping by, day 16.  
God bless,

My relatively recent promo shots; 2005, 2012, 2016 and now…you can figure em out πŸ˜€


Author: ianmn

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian my life, love my wife, love my daughters and love my dog...kinda like the cat. I am the #stayskyaware dude.

23 thoughts on “The ouch-ouch dance…”

  1. Yeah! You only have 14 days left. Such a brave soul and an inspiration AGAIN! You have to remember one thing, you are beautiful today as it is what is inside of you which is the role model, loving husband, father, friend, peer and driver of pushing the inner self to the next level all the time! What is inside is what shines outside. You shine today!

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    1. You’re doing it Ian.
      Good job!!!
      It’s not fun, we get it. You’re powering through. 1 day at a time.
      Always praying for you. πŸ™πŸ»
      Soon you’ll be past this regimen.


  2. Be strong Ian! My daughter is on Day 15 of 30 for her radiation treatment today. We all are praying for you and her and everyone who is fighting this battle. Keep fighting!!! Never give up!
    ((( HUG )))

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  3. I’m so thankful that you are sharing your experience with this. I admire your honesty and I am among the many that are wishing you all the best. I had some squamous basal cell cancer removed from my face – it’s very hard to keep going sometimes, but you are doing great! Keep talking about it! Looking forward to seeing you back on the number 9!

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  4. Good lookin’ dude!
    Are all or most of the cancer cells sluffing off during the scrub? Will new cells grow after the chemo?
    Keep hangin’ in there.


  5. Ian, you are truly an inspiration to all who fight this cruel disease. I lost my husband in October to gall bladder cancer and he truly felt you were fighting together as he watched you every night. Your fighting spirit is a godsend. Cancer sucks!

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  6. Reading your blog everyday just solidifies your strength of character. The openness and honesty you offer up to those of us followers, just makes us like you more. The humor you are able to keep going just adds to it. Keep the fight and know prayers are being said for continued strength and sense of humor!

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  7. Your amazing stamina (the ability to sustain prolonged physical effort) for this chemo regime gives me motivation in my everyday daily tasks.
    All I can say is thank you, Ian.
    Thank you for sharing, opening up with humor, reality and optimism.

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  8. Ian i can’t image what you are going through however I admire your courage and your sense of humor through this difficult time. As I set here watching Fox 9 weather at 9:35 p.m. I think about you and your journey every night. My Mom always told me that God gives people what He thinks they can handle. There is a reason he chose YOU to go through this so YOU can share your experience and to let people know that if you have the will there is always a way!! God speed to you and your loving family. Here’s hoping the next two weeks go by fast for you. You got this!!!

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  9. Glad I wasn’t there for the ouch/ouch dance, probably would have passed out. Blessed by your life, your sharing it and by your friendship. In the atmosphere of life you are like breathing pure oxygen. Praying for you and a perfect healing. Sorry you have to go through all of this but grateful they got you when they did.

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  10. Ian, your courage is inspiring . Although I cannot personally relate to your experience(s), lately it would seem, I’ve had a few friends & family members finding themselves there. Your honesty truly puts the human element front & center, where it should be. Keep pushing hard & knock this to the curb.

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  11. Oh ouch! I feel your pain for you (in spirit) I mean. I feel how exhausted you must be. Just remember that there are many of people just like me who are feeling your pain for you! Feel all that love coming to you!

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  12. Hi Ian, you got this. We miss you on TV. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am following your blog every day. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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  13. Hi Ian. You are one tough guy!! The weather will be warming up soon and by the time you go back to work we will have more daylight and maybe it will be alittle warmer maybe?? Take good care and we will be watching you!!!!!

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